GDq8UO1LtFAs the days go by, it dawns on me with each passing minute that I’m rounding up a phase of my life; my “college days” are slowly winding up and the next phase I’m supposed to be entering is more serious; every decision I make is more crucial and the consequences of my actions are more dire, seeing that this is quite literally, the rest of my life…  I’m about to step into the rest of my life!!! This is the point where everyone begins to ask the dreaded question. I haven’t even asked myself this question so,you can imagine my surprise when I’m being asked “what next?” It sends my head into this booming spiral but I try to brace myself and muster “uuuhhm,it all depends on where I serve but I’ll definitely go for my masters after my youth service.” Here’s the thing; if I even want a masters’ degree, what do I major in? Okay, if I don’t get one, what do I do with my life? Do I concentrate on my writing and try to get the on-air job I’ve always wanted or try to run with the business ideas I have? Or do I just try and get a good decent guy, channel my energy into building a solid relationship and settle down with him? I just turned 22 and in some way I’m getting older and definitely should start thinking of settling down (atleast that’s what my mum says) In another way, I’M JUST 22! This phase of my life literally has a soundtrack to it! For some,I’m leaving unversity late so settling down should ‘definitely’ be an option but they don’t know my journey, so to me, I think I couldn’t have left the university at a better time; I’m older, wiser, more mature, alot less susceptible to the opinion of others; especially of me. I think I’m at the best point in my life! Like Nicki said in her song, “how dare we sit quietly and watch the world pass us by? This is an amazing question especially as I did remain level headed and civil through out the university. This is literally my time to unwind and let my hair down, go wild as a goose (well, not necessarily wild- not sure i could pull that off) but just experience the world around me in a way that doesn’t involve books or a curfew. Or monogamy. I’m not entirely sure I can settle for the “routine life” of 8-4, taking orders from not one person but an endless bureaucracy. It sure seems cool to say stuff like “I’m just coming from the office” or “something crazy happened at work today”… sounds very grown up and mature… it also sounds like something I’m not ready to be… This doesn’t mean I’m scared to change or mature; I know firsthand that age, a job title and marriage do NOT spell out maturity (you’d be stunned). I just want to experience the world and life on my own and allow these things to mature me so I can be ready for this “next” that you all speak of and if love finds its way then I’ll accept it. Otherwise, #y’allneedtochill.


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  1. We all go through that deciding phase but whatever ya decision if it gives you a whole lotta money then it will be more fulfilling…


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