The turn around

2016-01-27-21-40-37-039.jpgI’m about to turn my life around.
You see,up until this moment, I’ve had everything handed to me. Not that I asked for it or  was born with a silver spoon,it just so happens I grew up with love like that; where everyone treats you like a baby, smothering you with unnecessary care and attention. I don’t mean any disrespect to those who don’t have such it’s just this way for me.
I’ve managed to be late to everything in my life and somehow, I also manage to fuck things up for myself,but not anymore. I got so comfortable with things being handed to me, it gradually drifted to hand-me-downs. I usually wait for everyone around me to make deicisons about my own life and take action based on these decisions but today I say no more. I’m about to turn my life around and I haven’t the slightest clue where to start. I only know that it starts with a step outside my zone. My mum’s probably (most definitely) gonna throw a hissy fit about it and remind me how safe and proper I’m supposed to be but what’s a life without adrenaline?
I’m just gonna hold my breathe, count to three and go….
I’m about to turn my life around…
And I need pointers.


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