A casual misconception




The thought of what to write today kept running through my head and I finally settled on religion. I also thought of writing a “three part-er” on Christianity, Islam and Judaism  but seeing that I only know what I read about one and what my friend tells me about the other, I’m just gonna wait till I explore all three and write on them.

So, one of my very good friends is Muslim. She’s beautiful, intelligent, very fashionable, a make-up enthusiast and the one thing I love the most about her is her non-judgmental self.

Before getting into the university, I had no idea I’d “fall in love” with a Muslim

(shut up Rida!), because I grew up in a Christian dominated society, in a Christian home and went to Christian schools. I was never exposed to any other religion until the university.

I always have questions and thoughts about my religion; like if Christianity was really the way to heaven and that’s if there is a heaven? How do I know that God exists? They say there is evidence of Him everywhere in our everyday lives but there are still words like “accidents”, “coincidences” and “fate”. Oh, there’s also the Big Bang but all that’s talk for another day.

You see how I have all these questions about my religion? A true Christian wouldn’t, neither would a true Muslim. If my family reads this; my mum will be convinced that I’m being exposed to too much philosophy in my discipline and arrange an exorcism. My brothers will see it as proof that they’ve been right about me all along – (*in a very Kevin Hart voice*)  “that bitch is crazy! and my Pastor? Oh well.

Through Farida, I began to understand the true meaning of faith. Watching her pray devoutly five times a day and how she lived her life through school, made me wish I was a better Christian and I’ll say this over and over; if Christians prayed with as much faith as Muslims, this world would be a better place.

Now, I’m going to tell her and my other Muslim fellows something not many have told you and this maybe because they do not have the energy to get into this conversation but I will. Not everybody who isn’t Muslim is a Christian.

I don’t know about Islam but from what I was thought, I know Christianity is not just a religion. It’s a way of  life. I’m not about to preach or get spiritual now. This is just the truth and Christians know this. This is “tafia” for my Muslim brethren. You don’t just call someone Christian because they don’t go to the mosque. I come from a Christian background and with the understanding I have of the faith, I cannot genuinely call myself Christian.Someone who has never stolen or killed or committed adultery or fornicated but is so quick to judge others without remorse can’t be called Christian. It’s demeaning and almost insulting.It’s just like when the Boko Haram thing was at an all time high and people called the insurgents Muslim and actual Muslims were offended by it. That’s how I too am offended by this. I’m not hurt or angry, just offended. It just makes my skin crawl whenever she calls one “very far from Christ” person Christian. “They’re not Muslim” is a better phraseology.

It’s more than a religion.It’s more than a term or title. It’s an embodiment. An essence in its self. It is both a responsibility and a gift. One I do not think anyone is worthy of, if not for grace.

I think it’s pretty much the same thing with Islam.It’s a casual misconception that I feel the need to correct every time Rida calls someone Christian

So, the next time you want to classify someone who isn’t Muslim, remember this post and just call them their names instead.


2 thoughts on “A casual misconception

  1. Oh goodness me…I call people by their names anyway. I hesitate to presume I know another human being. My companion now wears a cross, and reads a “sort of” Bible. I never thought I’d see that happening. It’s just that he’s feeling poorly a lot. That may or may not be the reason he’s taken to this new path. I veer away from even bringing it up. If he’s happy, I’m happy. If it quiets the storm, no need for an umbrella.

    I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. That’s a very staunch religion. I remember seeing and hearing all kinds of off the wall stuff from people who professed to be good Jehovah’s Witnesses. That’s one reason why I never got baptized. I believe the teachings of this religion have merit. I also love Jehovah God. But in my own way. What strikes me as pertinent here is that no matter where I’ve ever traveled I run into a Kingdom Hall. And there aren’t that many of them around. That’s a testament to me that there is something I need to be keeping in mind; just not going around looking for human witnesses, or attempting to be in full compliance myself. I do feel blessed every day!

    Let’s just say I’m me and you are you. Your name is yours truly. Your religion is also yours, if you have one. If not, OK too. If you’re happy, I’m happy that you are happy. Peace Be Still.


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